Saturday, January 1, 2011

What Do You Love?

"What Do You Love?" is a question that I sometimes ask of new acquaintances and old friends, too. I’ve gotten some very surprising and touching answers over the years...
"That feeling when the tennis racket strikes the ball just perfectly."
"3000 people dancing."
"Goodnight, Moon."
"A little tree by my kitchen window that was dying until I began watering it every day."
As I look through my list of online friends and email contacts, I'm struck by what creative, thoughtful, and energetic people I've known in my life. You are professional and non-professional artists, musicians, photographers, writers, actors, filmmakers, even circus performers. You are students, parents, gardeners, cooks, educators, builders, pet owners, athletes, soldiers, volunteers, and more…some of you even express yourself through your Facebook posts.
This is a blog about what makes us unique. In other words, what do you love, and why?
First of all, I want you to participate by sharing with me stories or narratives about something you love. It can be simply words, or if you want to add a little music, art, photos, video, movie scenes, poetry, lyrics, blogs, websites, games, recipes, architecture, or whatever else that inspires you, that's OK. Don't just send me a list of your favorite things, you know "whiskers on kittens" and stuff like that. Choose one thing if you can.
Send me links or emails that tell the story of something you love. Explain why it is meaningful to you. For now, message me on Facebook, or send it to:
It should be something that you don't mind having published or republished. With your permission, I may edit some things, and post them on the blog for everyone.
Secondly, you can participate by commenting on what you experience here. Occasionally, I'll post something that inspires me. You can can comment on that, or on what others have shared.
And, if you stumble upon this blog on your own, and you're not a friend yet, you are still invited to share.
Or, you don't have to share anything at all. You're welcome to be here on your own.
A request please…nothing political or polemical. If I get enough help here, I'll share some of your inspiration, and occasionally share some of my own.


  1. I love ideas that move people to act.

  2. "Only connect" The best advice. I love that magic when two (or more) people really connect--women friends, men friends, student-teacher.